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Before calling I was lost and frustrated!  I received many letters and phone calls from people telling me what to do without listening to my concerns.  My experience with them made my life much easier.  Their staff listened and put me at ease by explaining all of my options in detail.  They did not push me into doing something- in fact I decided what I wanted to do for a change! They are really knowledgeable and professional.  In times like this, you need people to understand your situation and treat you like a person.  I have already recommended Roman to friends and everyone else that may be in the same situation.  I can’t thank you enough.  Your staff is remarkable.

~ Jesse G. | Encino, CA

I have always been a very responsible person but reached a tough spot in my life.  The bank was about to foreclose on my home and everyone kept telling me to do different things. Roman was friendly, knowledgeable and really seemed to care about me and the predicament I was in. I’m grateful that I chose them to work with. They saved me from foreclosure and I can’t thank them enough. I’m getting my life back in order and I’ll refer you to anyone I come across that needs help.  Thanks!

~ Chris W. | Toluca Lake, CA

In a moment when I was desperate and I was facing imminent foreclosure in a house that was worth much less than what my loan was, Roman was there to guide me and to make things less painful for me and my family. I can honestly say that I could have not found a better team to help me with my short sale and that I would personally, highly recommend Roman to anyone facing a similar situation.

~ Frank L. |Los Angeles, CA

It has been an experience working with (Roman, Levinson Group, LLC). I found them business-like, cordial, flexible, knowledgeable and Fun. He was very reliable and I’m pleased Indeed with him. A sincere person he is.

~ Christina S. | Torrance, CA

With the help and experience of (Levinson) it was rewarding and finally things are closing down with the help from Roman. I would recommend my friends and strangers that are going through difficult time with their housing problems talk to Roman, he can help you work it out!

~ Marvin F. | Culver City, CA

You managed to make a difficult process easy. You and your staff were always available and responsive to our questions and concerns. We faced some difficult hurdles with the Home Owners Association; however, you remained calm, professional and upright. By donating the remaining items to a church made our parting with Mom and Dad’s possessions peaceful. We are thankful that you came along and helped us move forward with the selling of the condo in confidence.

~ William & Ann |Long Beach, CA