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Homeowner FAQs

Q. Do you pay what my home is worth?

A. Yes, we will give you exactly what the house is worth, less the commissions we may be saving in the transaction. Now each house is different and it depends on many factors, including condition, materials and labor costs for repairs, current market conditions in your neighborhood, how long it will take to repair and market the house, and the cost to resell the house.

In many cases, depending on the terms of the transaction, we may even pay MORE THAN MARKET VALUE. We pledge to be transparent and will show you our numbers and the values we are working with. We are ethical, local and professional, dedicated to providing custom tailored offers giving you Cash Now, Cash Later or Cash Flow!

Q. How are you different from listing with a real estate agent?

A. Real Estate Agents “list” properties and look for buyers like us and then charge you 6% of the sales price with no guarantee that they can sell your home. They can’t even guarantee how much your property will sell for. Working with us you go directly to a qualified purchaser that does not need to qualify for a loan or meet anyone else’s requirements for purchase. If we like it, we’ll make an offer and close in as little as 7 days.

Q. What is the process if I sell you my house? 

A. We try and make it as easy as possible. Once you fill out our online form or contact us by phone at (310)464-2505, we will collect information needed to make you a customized offer on your house, whether you need cash now, cash later or cash flow! At that point you can make a decision on whether to accept the offer. If you accept we begin the transaction with a licensed escrow company and can close in as little as 7 days. It’s that easy!

Q. Who pays all of the costs, escrow, title and such?

A. We do! With our program there can be ZERO costs to you. NO repair costs, NO commission, NO escrow fees and NO title insurance costs to you the seller.

Q. Do I have to make repairs to my home?

A. No. We buy houses in “as-is condition.” No repairs needed. Save your money. We will give you a written offer usually within 24-48 hours. And in most cases we can close escrow within 7-14 days. All with no commissions to pay and no repairs to the property! Now, isn’t that a good bargain?


Q. What if the next house I want to buy takes longer than expected?

A. That’s what makes us unique. Since we are buying your home as an investment you can stay in your home as long as you need to, within reason. We can give you a peace of mind knowing your home is SOLD and the flexibility to work with your timeframe to move out. It’s a “win-win” situation!

Q. Who sells houses to Levinson Group, LLC?

A. All types of people! Any situation where someone would like to sell quickly for cash, need residual income with a great rate of return or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining their property. This include: trying to sell with an agent with no results, wanting to avoid real estate commissions, inheriting a property, landlords tired of dealing with renters, needing to sell quickly due to divorce, title issues, facing a job transfer, owners behind on payments or dealing with foreclosure, and many more reasons! Anyone who wants to deal with a reliable, reputable company who puts integrity above profits and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure a quick closing with customized solutions and minimum hassle.



Private Investor FAQs

Q: Do I Need a Lot of Money to Invest? 

A: There is no minimum dollar amount, whatever is comfortable for you to invest.  On average it takes us 3-6 months from time of purchase to completion of sale on our rehabs.  The money is deposited into escrow and is sent back from escrow.  It never touches the rehabbers hands.  We pay 10-12% annual interest or more to accredited investors.

Q: When do I send you money?

A: You send money prior to our closing on the purchase, after you find a deal that fits your budget, timing, and location. You DO NOT WIRE TO US, you wire your funds directly to escrow.

Q: Who Handles All The Paperwork?

A: We will handle all the paperwork that will be reviewed by a real estate attorney and/or title company.

Q: How Do I Receive Payments?

A: Balloon payment at the closing of the property on the resale.

Q: How do you determine my interest?

A: We pay 10-12% annual interest or more to accredited investors.

Q: How Long Will I Be Investing My Money?

A: On average 3-6 months.  Our shortest time period has been 2.5 months, our longest has been 7.5 months.

Q: How Many Properties Do I Invest In?

A: Each investment will be treated individually. You can invest as little or as much as you feel comfortable in risking.

Q: How Do I Setup My Retirement Accounts to Make Loans?

A: In order to make loans, your account must be setup through a self-directed IRA and the investment runs through the custodian.

Q. Can anyone Invest?       

A: No. you must be accredited and we need to speak to you a number of times before you can request to invest with us. Call us today to find out more.